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Denver, Colorado - Since opening his law firm in 1995, Michael B. Levy has gained invaluable experience as an attorney and litigator, practicing law in a wide range of legal areas. The legal services that his law firm provides are highly regarded and sought after by many companies, both large and small, who have legal matters in the Denver metropolitan area. 

As an attorney, Mike provides outstanding legal representation, while offering strategic and cost-effective counsel to companies who retain his legal services. The level of dedication and preparation in Mike's vigorous representation of his clients legal matters in Denver is unsurpassed and highly effective.

Every case presents its own set of challenges and as an attorney, Mike utilizes unique strategies and solutions in overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of a successful outcome or resolution for his clients. Mike has learned to navigate a wide range of complexities that often present themselves in his legal representation. He handles each legal matter in Denver personally and professionally while providing the necessary attention to each case that it requires.

Mike is proud to provide a level of service to his Denver clients that is customary of large law firms but at a small law firm price. In his representation, it is imperative, that as an attorney, he takes the time with each client to understand the situation and challenges of each and every case. He has been honored by his peers as one of the top attorneys in the area and can offer your company the experience and professionalism necessary in handling your Denver legal matters.

If your company needs an attorney in the Denver, Colorado area, it is important that you retain an attorney who can provide the type of quality service and support that is required to handle your case with the conviction, dedication and vigorous representation like Michael B. Levy brings to the table. Michael B. Levy, Attorney at Law is prepared to serve your Denver legal needs. Please contact us at (303) 232-5151 and let's discuss the legal services required by your company. We very much look forward to hearing from you. 


Our law firm provides representation for a wide range of legal matters in the Denver, Colorado area including legal services for:

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